Wednesday 27 June 2012

Fuse team acquired by Red Hat!

I am Red Hat! :) The Fuse team has been acquired by Red Hat into its JBoss middleware group. This immediately makes us the #1 open source integration and messaging stack (among other things!) providing a distributed ESB & messaging system together with integrated data transformation, rules engine (BRMS), CEP, BPM & registry - with full linux, storage, data services, CDI, web app & JEE support too - all in a highly modular architecture; use the smallest & simplest thing you need to get your job done.

Our technology & communities already overlap (e.g. Apache Camel & Apache CXF usage) & already fit together pretty cleanly but over the next few years we'll be creating even better integration & tooling with the JBoss team; and where it makes sense to do so we'll consolidate things together so we've a single modular open source stack for every integration & messaging need either on premise or in the cloud, thats lightweight and easy to use.

There's a ton of work to do but we're all really excited! I'm particularly looking forward to working with all the great folks at Red Hat, our awesome customers & the various vibrant open source communities to make an even better open source integration & messaging stack with great tooling & cloud support. Expect lots of cool stuff soon! The future's very bright - and its red & wears a hat ;)