Friday 15 February 2008

Easier Integration & Pattern testing with Camel and Spring 2.5

I'm really liking the testing features in Spring 2.5.x for easier unit testing with JUnit 3.8, 4.x or TestNG using Spring to do all your dependency injection before invoking your test classes.

I've just created a little document to show how to use Spring Testing with Camel, using the Camel Mock and Test endpoints for easier Enterprise Integration Pattern based testing. Incidentally Camel now has a new little Test endpoint which creates a Mock endpoint that automatically pulls its expected message bodies from another endpoint and auto-wires up the expectations for easier testing with minimal coding.

Public Training on Apache ActiveMQ and Apache ServiceMix

As Bruce mentioned IONA is offering some public training courses on Apache ActiveMQ and Apache ServiceMix on the following dates for the first two...
  • London,UK - March 11-14
  • Waltham, MA - March 17-20
If you're using either ActiveMQ or ServiceMix then these training courses are highly recommended.

Wednesday 6 February 2008

Using Apache Camel, ActiveMQ and Esper for Complex Event Processing

David Greco just checked in a cute little demo that shows how to work with Apache Camel for Enterprise Integration Patterns, ActiveMQ as the message broker and Esper for Complex Event Processing. Enjoy!

Update: David bas blogged about this too :)

Monday 4 February 2008

rest-ws looks great

I've long been a fan of RelaxNG Compact Syntax (I guess RNC is the abbreviation) over XSDs. Now to avoid folks struggling with XSDs and WSDLs in nasty verbose angle brackets, there's the rather nice looking relax-ws. Now we just need a nice eclipse plugin... Enjoy!