Monday 4 February 2008

rest-ws looks great

I've long been a fan of RelaxNG Compact Syntax (I guess RNC is the abbreviation) over XSDs. Now to avoid folks struggling with XSDs and WSDLs in nasty verbose angle brackets, there's the rather nice looking relax-ws. Now we just need a nice eclipse plugin... Enjoy!


Guillaume Laforge said...

Looks pretty much like a Groovy builder? :-)

James Strachan said...

Agreed :)

jlorenzen said...

Definitely cool, but doesn't this suffer from the same shortcomings it claims to fix: "code-driven fast for development, but can easily result in platform-specific features sneaking in, which renders the interface unusable for cross-platform clients."

Don't get me wrong, I despise WSDLs, but I would think auto-generating a WSDL from Java or a relaxng snytax would both result in "unusable cross-platform clients."

James Strachan said...

I hear you - though RNC has no platform specific features compared to using C# or Java code to write interfaces. RNC is just a nice, simple, concise way to describe XML structures - but sure care should be taken to avoid creating wacky XSDs.

Given the choice of hacking WSDL + XSD, or relax-ws I know which one I'd rather spend my time doing :)