Wednesday 18 April 2007

Go Sonatype

It looks like Jason, John, Neel and others new venture, Sonatype just pulled off the cloak; good luck guys. Am hoping this helps make Maven even better :).

Maven's like a car; most days it gets you where you wanna get nice and easy with a quite comfy ride (when you wanna build a project no longer do you have to mess around with files in Ant, hack Ant's build.xml or shove random jars in your ant/lib/ directory or manually install jars or mess with classpaths yada yada). Maven though does need a regular service (rm -rf ~/.m2/repository) and might not always work so well in different terrains. Though when it breaks down and stops working, its such a huge PITA :)


Matt Raible said...

Using your analogy, I think it's like a VW Bus. Most people think it's a piece of sh*t, but if you have enough time, you can make it a beautiful specimen. And when it breaks down, it's easy enough to fix yourself. ;-)

Unknown said...

But then again, you guys in America have an amazing obsession with VW Bus'. For Europe this analogy wouldn't work at all :)