Thursday 17 May 2007

Groovy and JRuby punch up!

via Kirk...
It was great fun actually! I think the Java platform won the fight.

I wonder why at JavaOne I always seemed to meet folks from Groovy, Grails & JRuby while drunk in the evenings... I was sober most of the day honest! :).


Graeme Rocher said...

Hey James,

It was great to meet you, if only briefly at JavaOne. Shame we didn't have more time to discuss Groovy-related things. Maybe another time?

It would be really great to hear your thoughts on the mailing lists at some point too. Anyway great pic, and thanks for being on the Groovy/Java side ;-)

Graeme Rocher

James Strachan said...

It was great to meet you too Graeme :0)

Though I apologise for being very much the worse for wear (my feeble attempt at getting over the jetlag after arriving was to hit the Margaritas a little too hard at Chevys).

Hopefully we can meet at a London Java Meetup or something when I'm not totally jet-lagged and wasted too :)

Unknown said...

haha! this is a good one :)

BTW. After a chat on Camel with you James I think I'll give it a try. Even if I wasn't thinking about it before.