Thursday 28 June 2007

The iPhone looks amazing!

Ever since buying my first mac, the 1Ghz 17" Powerbook when they first came out (and its still going strong, although very very slowly :), I've been a self confessed Apple fan.

I thought the iPhone looked really cool & was drooling over it from the first time I heard about it and saw the early demos.

But after watching the guided tour and then the keyboard tour I'm amazed! They've done an incredible job getting so many of the little things sorted for the first release; am sure it'll keep on improving too. Things I really like...
  • the general user interface looks awesome
  • SMS support is really nice!
  • I love the google maps eye candy :)
  • the headphones & the way that little button works is really cool
  • I love the double click zoom (or pinch) and double click with 2 fingers zoom out
  • turn the phone to switch on cover flow; nice :)
  • tons of clever features added to the keyboard (I hope its easier to use than the apple mice I hate :)
I've just gotta wait months for it to come out in Europe. I guess at least most of the glitches should be ironed out by then :)

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