Tuesday 3 July 2007

using TextMate to edit text in any Cocoa application

Many thanks to noodl for commenting on my previous post; turns out you can use TextMate to edit any Cocoa application. As noodl said...
for editting text in TextMate from any cocoa application, see:


"As noted on the blog, you need to install the Edit in TextMate input manager, which is done by clicking the gear menu in the status bar (inside TextMate), navigating to the TextMate submenu and selecting Install “Edit in TextMate”…"

And for firefox:

Great stuff!

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Go me!

Further to my side-rant about blogger.com errantly relying on the IP address for language selection, it appears to be true and lots of other users are having issues with it. If they're going be so asinine, they could at least give the option in the navigation to switch to the language specified by the request.