Tuesday 4 September 2007

Pure RESTful API to ActiveMQ via AtomPub

Here's an early draft of an attempt at describing a purely RESTful API to ActiveMQ using AtomPub. Mapping a message broker to REST and AtomPub turns out to be much harder than it looks.

The trick I've used in this draft is that consumers subscribe by creating a new subscription Entry (as a new Entry in the subscriptions Collection) which times out eventually if the consumer goes away. Then each consumer consumes from its own Feed, so that things are nicely load balanced etc.

As usual - any feedback most welcome


Unknown said...

James, what is your take on HJB? It looks like it has been somewhat dormant since 2006 and stuck on version 0.9.1, but seems very complete in terms of the JMS commands it supports. Any thoughts?

Tom said...

Hello. At present we want to make ActiveMQ message persistence in the database of Sql server 2000. We referenced the sample configuration offered by the ActiveMQ official web site (http://activemq.apache.org/sqlserver.html) to have test, but failed at last. We don't know the real reason for this failure. And here we couldn't find much more useful information on this aspect from Internet.Do you have any reference material about it? If you have some successful experience in
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Thanks a lot in advance and expecting for your reply.

Best regards

James Strachan said...

Please post your questions to the ActiveMQ user forums...


James Strachan said...

here's the link to the ActiveMQ forums