Monday 3 September 2007

Got a Mac? Use TextMate? Try GetBundle

If you've a Mac then do try TextMate; its an awesome editor and part of my favourite OS X software. Its not a replacement for your Java IDE; but is very handy for editing everything else :). I often type this into the command line...
mate someFolderName
To browse a Java project quickly, without doing the whole Java IDE create project thing; which can sometimes take a while...

Today I stumbled on the GetBundle bundle which is a really nice way of adding new bundles. Also the Groovy/Grails bundle looks good!


Anjan said...

hi james,

I've been doing this with emacs/Xemacs with xe . on my box. On Xemacs, I can open multiple folders for browsing at the same time. Can you do the same on 'mate" ?

thank you,


James Strachan said...

Sure :). Just type

mate a; mate b; mate c

You get 3 frames each with a hierarchial drawer of each folder to edit.

Carlos Ricardo Santos said...

LOL, nice reply.
Mate FTW!