Thursday, 1 November 2007

Apache Camel 1.2 Released!

We've recently released Apache Camel 1.2, take it for a ride! The release includes 61 new features, improvements and bug fixes such as...
  • Data Format to support pluggable marshalling and unmarshalling of data in various formats like JAXB, XML Beans, Serialization or Artix Data Services (ADS). Having great ADS support allows us to work natively with things like SWIFT, SEPA, FpML, TWIST, ISO 20022, CREST and FIX messages - or any binary, fixed width or delimeted file format.
  • hugely improved CXF integration for working with JAX-WS and Apache CXF while reusing powerful Camel routing.
  • improved support for Asynchronous Processing within components such as for HTTP and SEDA
  • improved OSGi support with both component discovery using the OSGi registry and turning Camel into OSGi bundles.
  • improved Visualisation
  • support for the full WSDL Message Exchange Patterns
  • more powerful Bean Integration

New Components


Martin Gilday said...

Is there any documentation about the OSGi intagration?

joakime said...

Any chance for a talk / BoF at ApacheCon US about Apache Camel?