Wednesday 14 May 2008

Apache ActiveMQ 5.1 and Apache ServiceMix Kernel 1.0-m3 Released!

Apache ActiveMQ 5.1.0 is now out. Both Bruce and Hiram cover this nicely - if you use ActiveMQ I'd recommend upgrading, its got tons of bug fixes.

Also things are really hotting up in the spiffy new OSGi based ServiceMix Kernel that has just released 1.0-m3. Both Guillaume and Bruce have the low down. Grab it while its hot!

Hopefully soon ActiveMQ may come built on ServiceMix Kernel by default which will certainly really help make it easy to hot-redeploy Enterprise Integration Patterns routing rules within the broker.


AgeBee said...

Hi James,
on your cwiki entry on the apache page about the JNDI support I didn't get the point if I need a Generic Resource Adapter for JMS to get GlassFish bresources (like a connection factory or a topic) to work with ActiveMQ resources.
Ma problem is how to lookup GlassFish resources from a ActiveMQ application.
Thanks for your help
Regards, AgeBee

Fred said...

Hi James,
what about the Bluegrass project ?
I am particularly interested in building my own JMS open source benchmark, so the bluegrass project seemed a good starting point, but at codeahus I can't find any any code or doc to download, so i am wondering whta is the status of the project. Maybe you have good tips or material to help me benchmarking Apache active MQ against JBOSS Mq, joram ...
Thanks in advance
Frederic Rougeot
Capgemini Architect

andi said...

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