Thursday 9 October 2008

Using Guice as a JNDI provider

In many ways a Dependency Injection framework is a replacement for looking things up in a registry like JNDI; but sometimes having some kind of registry or JNDI provider can be useful such as if you want to work with JSR250/EJB3 or some legacy code which expects JNDI to be used - or you want to use JNDI as a kinda loosely coupled registry between completely different modules of your system.

I've hacked up a simple JNDI provider which just uses Guice to create all the objects; so you stick to pure Java code for writing your Guice Modules to depenency inject your objects together then have a little properties file to enable/disable/tweak things.

When looking at Guice through spring-tinted glasses the most glaring difference (apart from the lack of XML) tends to be the absence of the ApplicationContext and a registry where you can look things up by name. This JNDI provider provides a more standard alternative to the ApplicationContext, as JNDI is in the JDK and it kinda gives you that crutch to lean on until you figure out the guicier way of doing your dependency injection :). 

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