Wednesday 7 January 2009

JAX-RS as the basis of a DRY web framework

I'm with Sam that JAX-RS rocks and is a great basis for a RESTful framework for writing services. As I've said before, I think its the best JSR output since servlets and JPA. There's a great presentation by Stefan on it if you want to get up to speed fast.

I'd like to see something like the Jersey client standardised in JAX-RS - after all many restful resources are mashups of other resources and it makes testing of RESTful resources super simple. Also I love the implicit views in Jersey and hope they are kinda standardised some more; making the mapping between templates and resources more well defined across providers. But even in its current form, its great stuff.

Update: this is a good overview of JAX-RS I stumbled on the other day


Anderson Nielson said...


Do you have (or know where I could find) any example on how to deploy a real RESTful service project in FUSE 4?

Anderson Nielson said...

I am asking you about how to make it work:

As I am asking to Ade too.

Best regards

James Strachan said...

I recommend posting details of your problem to the FUSE ESB forum