Tuesday 6 April 2010

Scalate 1.0 Released

The Scalate team is pleased to announce the availability of Scalate 1.0.

Scalate is a Scala 2.8 based template engine which can be used stand alone, with servlets, in JAXRS, with the Play Framework or in Apache Camel. (Work on lift integration is in progress).

All expressions inside Scalate benefit from the full power of Scala plus they are typesafe and checked at edit/compile time to ensure you don’t leave any mistakes in your templates.

Two template languages are currently supported:

  • Ssp which is like a Scala version of JSP or Erb from Rails
  • Scaml which is a Scala dialect of Haml for very DRY markup

Further information:

Feedback is always welcome!

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Christopher said...

Amazing really. The whole Scalate site doesn't appear to outline its use case. Why use Scalate?

James Strachan said...

Thanks for your feedback Christopher.

We mentioned in the first sentence of the release announcement and website that Scalate was a template engine - we kinda assumed folks would know what a template engine was and what its use case was (generating textual or markup content easier than using a traditional programming language).

I've just updated the home page and release notes with a link to wikipedia's definition of template engine which should hopefully help folks who don't know what one is or why it should be used.

I've also added more detail on why folks should consider Scalate to the home page along with a comparison to JSP which will hopefully help clarify things some more.