Friday 20 May 2011

CamelOne, Fuse IDE, Fuse Fabric, oh my...

I've been way too busy to blog for a while; will try to do better going forward.

A little while ago we released the GA version of Fuse IDE; folks seem to really like it. If you use Apache Camel I highly recommend you try it out - also check out Jon's recent article on it.

Since then we've been working hard on a bunch of cool new features for it; we'll be releasing the 1.2 beta next month & its gonna rock even more :). I'm hoping to demo some of the newer features of Fuse IDE in my keynote at next weeks CamelOne conference.

In parallel we've been working hard on Fuse Fabric, open source software for weaving your application containers into an easy to configure, provision and manage system. Have a browse of the user guide if you want to know more.

Hopefully see you in Washington DC at CamelOne next week?


Anton Tagunov said...

James, I just feel a little confused: which products developed by FuseSource are free and which need to be paid for (even if there is a free demo available for them)?

James Strachan said...

As I just said, Fuse Fabric is open source - so it can be used for free :).

Fuse IDE is available for free evaluation, so you can use that for free too. Though to get all of its features you'll need a developer subscription - but its still a very useful tool if you want to use it for free.