Wednesday 17 October 2012

Fuse IDE 3.0 beta and questions I missed from the webinar

I just gave a webinar as part of the Red Hat Integration and BPM Week on how Fuse IDE makes integration easy. If you missed it there should be an archive up tomorrow. There were a few questions I didn't get chance to answer (as usual I rambled and ran out of time ;-), so here they are...

Firstly you can download the 3.0 beta here (you'll need your fusesource login) or the update site is here. If you'd rather stick with the stable GA version get it from the download page

Does it have eclipse plugin? Can I get the same features using eclipse plugin?
Yes; use the update site to install the eclipse plugins for Fuse IDE into your eclipse; please use Indigo (3.7.x) and it works OK in JBoss 5.0.0.GA or vanilla eclipse java / jee. Doesn't yet support Juno though. Its easier to download the full RCP release though :)
what is the difference between fuseide and redhat developer? 
Fuse IDE was developed by FuseSource before the acquisition by Red Hat; so we'll be integrating them together into the Red Hat developer tools (JBoss Tools etc). Luckily there's a great fit between them with little overlap really! :)
Does Fuse support monitoring and managing message flow when services running in Cluster (say JBoss AS 7.x cluster)
Yes, any JVM which has a fairly recent Camel inside should work fine provided you can connect to it over JMX. The message tracing is only supported so far in the Fuse distribution of Camel (it should be back ported to the Apache distro soon). The newer the Camel version the better! :)
Is the source for the examples downloadable from anywhere to have a play with?
Yes. The easiest thing is to create the project inside Fuse IDE (New -> Fuse Project -> ...) and all the source code is included in the generated project; then you can just play immediately.

Where this code comes from to get included inside Fuse IDE is all over the place :) Mostly either the Apache Camel project's archetypes or the Fuse projects examples - so its easier to create the various projects and look inside the generated source.
Nice! Current state of JBoss integration? When do I get to use all these goodies -- Eclipse/JBossTools w SwitchYard (esp SCA editor) and Fuse (esp Camel EIP editor) together -- + your runtime tooling on JBAS7.1 / CDI / SwitchYard deployments?
You should be able to use JBoss tooling and Fuse IDE together right now; unfortunately Fuse IDE isn't yet compatible with the SwitchYard SCA tooling (due to Graphiti dependencies); which hopefully we can fix soon - but Fuse IDE works with JBoss Tools and already includes the Drools / jBPM tooling too.

You should be able to use Fuse IDE today with JBoss Tools and AS 7.1; the more recent Camel version the better :). As an aside, the next Camel release should have awesome CDI support!
Please comment on using IDE (JMX explorer) in a QA fabric.
So the Fuse Fabric tooling in Fuse IDE is really intended for developers; though you could have a Fuse Fabric for development, testing, QA, load testing, performance testing, user acceptance testing or production etc. So long as you don't mind developers tinkering with endpoints & routes; using developer tooling in QA is OK :)

Though Fuse Management Console is really intended for more locked down operation based environments; Fuse IDE is focussed on developers really.

What is roadmap for ide with merger? 
Immediately we need to improve the integration between the two sets of tooling to ensure they work very cleanly together & allow SwitchYard tooling to be installed with Fuse IDE. Longer term I'd personally like to see tighter integration with Fuse IDE / Camel tooling with Drools rules & jBpm but the road map has not yet been completed; we'll publish it when its ready.
Does Fuse support monitoring and managing message flow when services running in Cluster (say JBoss AS 7.x cluster) 
Yes. The Fuse IDE demo I showed focusses on looking inside 1 JVM at a time and all the stats are available on a per JVM basis along with the visualisation of running routes etc. If you want to see a consolidated view of multiple JVMs, then I'd advise you watch Stan's talk on Fuse Fabric, Fuse Management Console and Fuse HQ which shows how to use Fuse Fabric profiles to aggregate statistics together into unified metrics (which you can then fire alerts on etc).

Thanks again for all your questions! Sorry there were too many to answer in the webinar. Feedback always appreciated! Enjoy the Camel ride :)

Update: I should have mentioned if you want to use the beta, which uses the Early Access distros of Fuse, you unfortunately need to hack your ~/.m2/settings.xml file to reference our EA repo

e.g. here's how your ~/.m2/settings.xml could look

This step will be go away in next months GA release - sorry about that! :)


Unknown said...

Hi James
Just tried out Fuse ide beta and generated a new Spring project from the provided archetype.
The generated project pom points to v. 2.10.0.fuse-71-018 of eg. camel-core, but this hasn't been released on the repo

James Strachan said...

Humble apologies Preben! Its a temporary glitch until the GA release (which is unfortunate)

The early access (EA) builds of things are here in the EA repo

So you can edit the repository section in the generated projects pom.xml to use the EA URL, or you could add this to your ~/.m2/settings.xml file in a profile thats activate by default...

packingserviceinc said...
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