Monday 25 June 2007

More on LazyWeb: using VMWare and maven in a CI tool

more on my previous post on using VMWare with maven builds to run tests on different machine operation system & configurations. I spotted this interesting article on testing using VMWare and perl scripts to spawn different VMWare images and running the tests inside them. So we just need someone to wrap all that up in a shell script that mimicks the mvn script and we're done! :)

BTW Mike made the excellent comment that you could use the Bamboo build number which is a very good idea. (The only downside is sometimes its JMX / RMI ports as well as ActiveMQ ports so its a tad too complex for one single port number). Mark also provided details of how to use the build number in your build - cool beans! Am sure that'll be really useful for other things...

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Unknown said...

Hi, FYI, For Integration Test with maven 2 and VMWare Server, I use a maven plugin you can find on Here is link if you want to use it